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01 Nov 2017

How To Mow Long or Wet Grass

Tips To Help With Long, Wet Grass.

I get asked this question a lot whilst treating lawns in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and South Cambridge. Mowing in the winter can be a tricky. looking out on the lawn on a drab day, your probably thinking that the lawn is to wet or the lawn is to long, or even its to cold. Hopefully these tips from our Friends at Etesia can help with your thoughts. 


11 Jul 2017

Why does pet urine damage lawns?

If you have pets you are likely to be familiar with the problem of pet urine causing scorch patches on lawns. Most associate the problem with dog urine only but cat urine can be just as bad. It’s generally worse with female dogs because of the way they squat as opposed to the “sprinkling” technique of males.


28 May 2017

Importance of Regular Cutting

As you may know as much to my wife annoyance I use my lawn to experiment on! this time I thought I would show all my customers how important lawn cutting is.
As I have mentioned before the partnership between myself and you is the biggest part of Lawn Care. On your part, letting me know if you notice any thing abnormal happening to the lawn (thinning, browning, pests etc) as I only see the lawn around 5 times a year, the other 2 parts are watering and cutting. Mine is to make sure that treatments are done in the correct seasons and I follow the best practice. You might have been effected by the weather last Autumn/Winter I had to stop all scarification work as it was to wet and I picked it back up this spring.


11 May 2017

Drought Conditions

April Showers They Say?!

April Showers they say! driest April in over 30 years. What should be a few months of strong growth, helping lawns recover form winter stresses, is turning out to be a few months where some lawns are entering 'Summer Dormancy'. They look very straw like, even dead in places. We can turn this round with the follow advice.


05 Mar 2017

Uk Lawn Care Association

Why Lawnrite Joined the UKLCA

We joined the UKLCA for many reasons, from having a trade support, being kept up to date with products and legislation to networking with other lawn care companies. sharing best practice and techniques. Lawn Care can be a lonely place and its great to share thoughts and ideas with other like minded people.  In short to give the best possible service and knowledge to our customers and prospects. As an association we are one voice that can be heard, when it comes to change and new legislation. 

05 Feb 2017

New Treatment is here ‘Hard Surface’

 Our New  Service

We are delighted to announce the arrival of our

latest treatments:

  1. Hard surface weed control
  2. Artificial grass/sports surface weed and moss

As always we have tested these
new professional products to make sure they
meet our very high standards. Please email or
contact me via the website or using for further details.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Jon Boon