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There’s a lot more to a beautiful lawn than meets the eye!

Your 1st step to a great lawn is with a Free Lawn Survey!

At this stage Lawnrite evaluate your lawn and present you with a logical plan and pricing information. This will enable you to choose the best package to suit your aspirations, lawn, needs and budget. Knowing the type of soil and conditions will help us determine your lawn’s needs and tailor a treatment package that is right for you and your lawn.

Keeping Lawn Care Simple

Lawnrite don't offer confusing packages, and we understand everyone has a different budget for lawn care. You will have offered our 5 treatment visit standard, then offer you 2 more personaly designed packs that would bring your lawn to the next stage.

What we do on a Lawn Survey

Lawnrite come to your home free of charge, talk to you about what you would like from the lawn and what the lawns uses are. Then your lawn will be measured that you want to be treated, take soil samples to look for problems ie thatch build up, compaction etc. then work you out 3 plans, one being our standard pack, then we give you two optional pack that will take your lawn to the next stage.


Our Treatments Deliver

A cost effective way to keep your lawn weed free, lush green all year round, using our service can work out cheaper than DIY off the shelf products! 

 Deep Green Lawn, our professional fertilisers last around 50% longer than DIY ones.
 Weed Free, the separate weed control application kills 80% of weeds on 1st application.
 Children and Pet Friendly Products, the right products applied at the right time and correct application rate.
  Moss Control, professionaly applied products mean you see the difference in 24Hrs
Independent Lawn Care Company, more personal service, with free call outs

Lawn Technician is NTPC licensed for chemical application, so you’re assured all products are applied correctly!
Lawnrite offers a money back policy. If you’re new to lawn care and don’t see a difference in your lawn in 2 weeks- we will give you the treatment price back!
Lawnrite is committed to customer service, offering free call outs. We will come to your lawn to discuss any questions or queries you may have!
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