Why Lawnrite Joined the UKLCA

We joined the UKLCA for many reasons, from having a trade support, being kept up to date with products and legislation to networking with other lawn care companies. sharing best practice and techniques. Lawn Care can be a lonely place and its great to share thoughts and ideas with other like minded people.  In short to give the best possible service and knowledge to our customers and prospects. As an association we are one voice that can be heard, when it comes to change and new legislation. 

UKLCA's 2017 Spring Conference at Bisham Abbey 

‚ÄčIt was great to spend 2 days with over 70 delegates from 50 independent lawn care companies. taking time to learn about new products, best practices and just have a chat and mingle with what is sometimes our competition.  Lawn care products are every changing, the government bring in new laws and restrictions to products within the amenity and agriculture sector. the main change for us has been the ban on usage for Leather Jacket and Chafer Grub control.

Left Image is from the conference of all delegates that came along.   

Who or What is the UKLA?

The UK Lawn Care Association exists to support and help develop a group of professional Independent Lawn Care Companies throughout the UK. You are companies that have turned your back on the franchise option, in favour of control and flexibility over what services and products you offer according to individuals circumstances at the time. The UK LCA supports independently run lawn care specialists who make enormous contributions to lawn care excellence and innovation in the UK. We supply our members with vital information, practical advice and great ideas. We provide a friendly community in which independent lawn care providers can share knowledge and experiences.